Jacqueline Paske Gill

    Jacqueline graduated from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN with a B.F.A. in Illustration. She has done portraits & murals for over 10 years, with experience mainly from referrals and repeat clients. Writing and drawing stories as a child, she grew up wanting to write & illustrate children's books professionally.

"My Childhood Winter" was her first published book in 2011, as a gift to her sister Tami, who is the author. "The Monster in the Basement" was published shortly after.

"Spring is in the Air", "Summer is Here", and "Fall is all Around" complete the seasonal set inspired from her childhood memories, along with "The Little Boy with No Heart".

     18 other books Jacqueline has illustrated include "Just Batty", "Hayden's Garden", "Hayden and the Honey Bees", "Hayden & Fred", "Hayden's Halloween" from the Hayden series, "Princess Annie", "Sailing Away to Nod", and "Where's Teddy?" all by Brenda M Spalding, the "Baxter's World" series by Susan Slovensky, "Thinking Happy Thoughts" by Stephanie Miller, "The Treasure- Hunt Friends Discover Autistic Trends" from a series by Brenda Darnley Martin, "Carly Hannah's Blue Banana" by Jackie Awerman, "Hidden Sky" by Lilly Trcka, "The Dancers" by Thomas Peacock, and the "Bippy" series by Alex Stokas.

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